Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Beautiful and Inspiring Prayer

This morning in our worship service at Bethel Springs church of Christ, a humble man named David Forsythe led one of the most beautiful and inspiring prayers that I've ever heard. I asked David for his special permission to share this magnificent prayer here on my blog. You will quickly see why I did. Get ready to be uplifted and inspired!


Our Father in Heaven,

We praise you for your marvelous Word, that tells us of your power and might that created the heavens and the earth and all they contain, even the air we breath, the water we drink, and the food we eat. 

From the beginning, you showed us your love for us by demonstrating your willingness to show us your eternal wisdom. Wisdom that provides us with understanding that is essential for life with purpose. We do not walk blindly as those without hope. We walk with the full assurance that we know our Creator, we have purpose, and we have a destiny.

You proclaimed that you created light. Even before you put the sun in the heavens you created light. We also acknowledge that you are light and there is no darkness in you. Such thoughts are too wonderful for us to fully fathom.

You have enlightened us to know your Son who proclaimed that he was the way, the truth, and the life. He also proclaimed that he was the light of the world and that those that follow him shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. Thank you for blessing us with this understanding.

You created us in your image. You gave us a soul. We are so much more than the animal kingdom. We have logical thought, and memory, and conscience. We can ask, “Where did we come from?” We can ask, “Why are we here?” We can ask, “Is this all there is to life?” For you created us to have the ability to think and reason, and we perceive that you created even thought. You created us with the insatiable desire to worship.

This thought—that we are created in your image—is too wonderful for us to behold. But we accept it as truth and joyfully proclaim to a lost world that desperately needs to hear and obey the truth.

Father, help us to respect your word and hold it up as that pure light that provides ultimate truth, hope, and purpose in a world that increasingly denies your Lordship. Help us never to quench the Spirit.

We would not know even your name, or your timeless account of history if you had not preserved your word, though many have tried and are trying to destroy it. Your divine thread of purpose ties the Bible’s books together—they provide us with an account of your creation, your eternal nature, your power, your holiness, your long-suffering, your mercy, your grace, your truth, your forgiveness, your steadfastness, your healing, your love, your protection, your faithfulness, your redemption, your discipline, your promises, your judgment, your intervention in our lives, your hearing of our prayers, and your provision of what we need for physical life and spiritual life. You are awesome—your character is matchless and incomparable. You are the living God.

Father, there are many things we cannot comprehend. But you, in your providence, you have created us to have an understanding that can provide wisdom even for our generation. You had your Word written down by the patriarchs, judges, kings, prophets, apostles, and others in a perfect way that the human mind can interpret. Even the logic that we use to interpret your Scripture is provided to us by you. 

Thank you for providing your Word so we can be at peace with you. Help us to study like the Bereans. Help us to accept your Word as absolute eternal truth. Confound the enemies of your Word with the truth. Help us to skillfully be able to use your Word as the basis for teaching others. Help us never to fight in the battle for the souls of men empty-handed.

Enable us to skillfully fight the battle with the your Word, the sword of the Spirit. We acknowledge that our reasoning without the foundation of your Word is powerless to win in this epic battle of good and evil. For we have heard and believe that your Word is sharper than a two-edged sword and able to discern the thoughts and intents of the heart.

And we know that your divine power has granted unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of Christ that called us by his own divine glory and virtue. We acknowledge that we have no knowledge of Christ’s divinity except through your Word.

Lord, help us to walk humbly in your sight that we my see your glory and share the truth with those that walk blindly.

Father we have many requests. Please bring healing to the sick, and healing to the spiritually sick so we can be at peace with you. Continue to forgive us of our sins, as we walk humbly with Christ as our savior—forgiving each other as we walk in the way. Please correct, admonish, and encourage us as we walk in the light of your Word. Bless us as we repent and confess our sins and follow Christ as our Lord.  

Father, in these troubling times, when Christians are persecuted for their faith, with uncertainties surrounding us, please continue to keep watch over us and protect your church from the schemes of the evil one.

Father, in times when the people and even governments promote and legalize immorality, when false religions promote physical conquest of territories, when murderous atrocities are viewed by all peoples and there seemingly is no authority to bring about justice, when democracies provide arms and support to murderous regimes, when nations attack other nations, when freedom of faith is under attack, when murder of the helpless is accepted as a reasonable choice, when children are taught that immorality is an acceptable choice, when military powers promote conquest over established borders, when our peoples are educated that there is no God, and when freedoms that were once enjoyed are denied—please encourage us to remain faithful when the uncertainty of our times seems overwhelming. When we compare history to our present time we know assuredly that you are our only hope. 

Help us to raise our children to know you and the truth that saves our souls. Help us to realize that our faith is under attack and your strength will help us overcome. Help us to be steadfast, unmovable, and faithful to the end and encouraged that souls are being saved every day, even in the midst of the turmoil of our times.

In the name of Christ our Savior, 


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